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Issues for family life insurance payments identified

DENVER -- Reservists need to keep their personal information up-to-date in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility System and the Military Personnel Data Systems or they may risk unnecessary debt collection for their Family Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance coverage.

DOD officials identified marital data mismatches between DEERS and MilPDS in September and requested all reservists be notified of possible errors that could affect their coverage. ARPC sent letters to affected Airmen then, and again in April, advising them of the issue. The letters identified them as being "married" in one system but not in the other.

Unfortunately, these systems do not interface with one another; so Airmen must ensure information in both systems reflect the correct data. Some Airmen may not be charged or erroneously charged for coverage.

So far, only 12 percent of the 8,100 identified Airmen have taken action and 109 letters were returned because of incorrect addresses.

At this time, ARPC cannot make corrections in DEERS nor can MPFs update MilPDS. Resolution of this issue is a joint effort -- unit assigned Airmen must contact their commander's support staffs to correct errors in MilPDS, while IMAs should contact the Reserve Personnel Contact Center at 800-525-0102. Airmen requiring updates to DEERS must visit their MPF.

Defense Finance and Accounting Service is in the process of establishing a debt for Airmen who have not been charged for FSGLI because of inaccurate information and will start collecting delinquest funds soon.