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OSI seeks reserve volunteers for special-agent duty

ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. -- The Air Force Office of Special Investigations is recruiting staff sergeants and technical sergeants to serve as special agents in the Air Force Reserve's Individual Mobilization Augmentee Program.

Current reservists or Airmen leaving active duty may apply for the duty.

Accepted applicants will attend the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and the Air Force Special Investigations Academy, both in Glynco, Ga.

"This is an excellent opportunity for junior NCOs to enter the exciting special agent career field," said Lt. Col. Matthew Killoran, OSI Reserve Affairs Program manager.

"Not only will they receive world-class training, but the wealth of experience they will obtain with OSI is invaluable."

Recruits begin their training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center with an 11-week course called the Criminal Investigator Training Program. Other federal investigative agencies also send recruits to the training.

The program provides basic investigative training in law, interviewing, informants, defensive tactics, emergency driving, evidence processing, firearms, search and seizure, arrest techniques, report writing, testifying, and surveillance.

Students participate in physical training several times a week.

After this program, students receive eight weeks of training in OSI-specific coursework, such as organization and mission, forensics, interrogations, military law, ethics, computer and environmental crimes, and fraud investigations.

Other topics include:

- Investigative responsibility and jurisdiction,

- Crimes against property and persons (physical and sexual),

- Role of investigative experts,

- Counterintelligence collections and investigations, and

- Force-protection programs.

More information about OSI Reserve Affairs is available by calling (240) 857-0866 or DSN 857-0866, sending an e-mail to mary.mesa@ogn.af.mil or going online at http://public.afosi.amc.af.mil and following the link to "Joining OSI' or "Reserve Affairs." (AFRC News Service)