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ARPC launches redesigned Web site

DENVER -- The Air Reserve Personnel Center public Web site got a new look and feel Aug. 4, similar to more than 74 other Air Force Web sites currently on the Air Force Public Information Management System, or AFPIMS.

"The new Web site provides ease of use to our customers, while adhering to Air Force guidelines," said Col. Ann Shippy, ARPC commander. "It's a very well-planned, well-thought out redesign which will only enhance our ability to serve our customers."

ARPC customers will find the new Web site easier to navigate. It also adds several new features to the front page in line with the Air Force Public Web program standard. It has Air Force Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, feeds, a direct link for Air National Guard personnel services, and eventually a direct sign-on to the virtual Personnel Center - Guard Reserve.

Currently, ARPC's new site will not be on the AFPIMS server under the Air Force Public Web program until its scheduled migration in mid-2007.

"We know eventually ARPC will go to AFPIMS," said Thomas Laursen, Personnel Data Systems Directorate here. "So, we created an in-house template to mimic AFPIMS sites. This way our customers, as well as our local page maintainers, can get used to the idea of this new style well ahead of actually launching under AFPIMS."

The Air Force plans to consolidate and standardize the appearance of its sites as part of the AFPW program.

The Secretary of the Air Force Office of Public Affairs initiative centralizes Web content and establishes a global network for all of the service's public sites, including those originating at major commands, wings and specialty organizations like the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. (Leslie Brown, Air Force News Service, contributed to this article)