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ARPC stands by on UTA weekends

DENVER -- For more than a year now, Airmen at the Air Reserve Personnel Center have been manning phones on the first weekend of each month to support Guard and Reserve Airmen who are performing their monthly military training.

"(Unit Training Assembly weekends) are another opportunity when our Guard and Reserve customers can get in touch with us if they have questions or other requests," said Master Sgt. Andew Hunt, ARPC contact center superintendent.

While Reserve and Guard Airmen can call during the week or log onto the virtual Personnel Center -- Guard and Reserve anytime, the contact center is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. They can check the status of their online retirement applications and award packages, verify retirement points, request documents and complete other information requests.

"It's just like a regular duty day," said Staff Sgt. Craig Kramer, NCO in charge of Work Flow Management. "It just gives them the convenience that they can call on their duty time."

ARPC began supporting UTA weekends April 1, 2006. Typically, the contact center is open on the first Saturday and Sunday of every month to as many as 176 drilling Guard and Reserve units nationwide.

"Our contact center needs to mirror the drilling reservists. So, we're here -- in touch," said Dave Aldrich, director of Personnel Services.