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Program automatically fills mobilization requirements

DENVER -- To fill the 300-plus positions for the Defense Department-required exercise 'Push-Pull 2007,' Air Reserve Personnel Center officials used a new computer program to select Individual Ready Reserve Airmen to participate.

The Mob-filler program has been in development for more than four years, but this was its first live test.

"We type in the grade and skill level of the number of people we need to participate, and the system pulls them for us," said Ralph Carson, of ARPC's Personnel Readiness Center.

Before, Mr. Carson said that he and the Airmen who work with him would have to manually search the personnel database to pick the people for the tasking.

"This saves us tons of time," he said.

If the computer search doesn't initially find the exact number of people in the grade or skill level required, it automatically searches for one up or down until all positions are filled, Mr. Carson said.

Push-Pull is an end-to-end test of key mobilization processes and systems.