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PSD "Goes Live" with Duty History correction for Reservists

DENVER -- As of March 31, Air Force Reserve members located around the world can correct or change their duty history via the virtual Personnel Center Guard and Reserve, a 24/7 customer service Web portal operated by the Air Reserve Personnel Center here. 

Previously, Airmen had to visit their local Military Personnel Flight or call several agencies to correct their duty history. Now, no matter the time of day, Reservists can log on to the vPC-GR at http://arpc.afrc.af.mil/support/default.asp. If no account is established, the Airman will have to answer a few questions to receive a user name and password. 

Once an account is established, Airmen just click on the "Correct Duty History" link and annotate their desired changes, attach any relevant supporting documentation such as: Enlisted Performance Reports, Officer Performance Reports, Special Orders, General Orders, etc., and click on "submit." 

Once a correction request is submitted, the customer will be e-mailed a tracking number. Moreover, when the actions are completed, they will receive an e-mail letting them know. 

There is currently no change to the process for updating current duty information; it still must be done through local commander's support staff or base individual mobilization augmentee administrators. 

ARPC and the Air Force Personnel Center are working simultaneously on centralizing and automating many of their processes for all Airmen and civilians in the Total Force. Some processes that have been automated or centralized at ARPC include 20-year letter (re-issue), mortgage letter, current points request, promotion board counseling request, and electronic promotion letter to the board president. 

In the future, automated and centralized services should account for nearly every aspect of every Airman's personnel actions, from initial enlistment to retirement and everything in between. Between now and Sept. 1, 2007, ARPC, with assistance from Air Force Reserve Command Personnel Readiness and the Air Force Reserve Active Guard Reserve Management Office, will work to automate or centralize retirements, separations, awards and decorations, evaluations, enlisted promotions, assignments, retraining, reenlistments, duty status, classifications, adverse actions and accessions. 

For more information about ARPC Personnel Service Delivery, visit http://arpc.afrc.af.mil/psd/default.asp.