HQ ARPC announces Air Reserve Component (ARC) Captain Promotion Process (First Half) Release

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  • By Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center Public Affairs
  • Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center

Air Reserve Personnel Center officials announced results for the Calendar Year 2023 (First Half) Air Reserve Component Line and Nonline Captain’s promotion selection process today, February 5th. The process selected 476 Airmen for promotion.

Promotion results can be found on the Officer Promotion Home Page in MyFSS by clicking the “MyPromotions” Tile and selecting “ARC Officer Promotions”.

HQ ARPC/PB is submitting a request through the Secretary of the Air Force to "backdate" Dates of Rank (DOR) for those captains that are eligible to have promoted prior to the SecDef approval date. If approved, HQ ARPC/PBE will manually adjust the DOR’s for all eligible members. Please do not submit MyVector tickets inquiring about or requesting backdating of DOR’s. Tickets inquiring about backdated DORs for Captains or Lieutenants affected by approval delays will be closed without action and referred back to their respective release message. ARPC/PBE will action DOR corrections automatically and announce the change if the backdate request is approved. Additional information is provided in ARPCM 23-36 located on the Officer Promotions Home Page in MyFSS.

For all other request’s, please submit a ticket through myVector, using the “My Applications” link. Go to “ARPC Officer Promotions” and using the drop-down menu select “ARPC Promotion Board Eligibility”.