2015 Guard & Reserve Factsheets now available

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Rob Hazelett
  • Air Reserve Personnel Center Public Affairs
The 2015 Guard & Reserve Factsheets are now available online. The comprehensive guide to the Reserve Component contains the following information:

•How to contact total Force Service Center
•Virtual Personnel Center Dashboard
•MyPers applications and services
•Reserve Force Development
•Officer promotions
•Officer performance reports
•Enlisted promotions
•Enlisted performance reports
•Reserve assignments
•Finding new assignments
•Reduced retirement age
•Reserve drill pay
•Basic active duty pay
•Activation of Reserve Members
•Notification of activation
•Retired Reserve
•Regular, Guard and Reserve retired pay
•Guard/Reserve point valuation chart
•Individual Reserve management at Headquarters Individual Reservist Readiness Integration Organization
•Age 60 retirement benefits
•Space-A travel
•Veterans benefits
•Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan
•Servicemembers Group Life Insurance
•SGLI coverage for family members
•Veterans Group Life Insurance
•Thrift Savings Plan
•Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
•Claims for service credit
•ANG/Reservist entitlements table
•ANG/Reservist retirement benefits table
•ANG/Reservist survivor benefits table
•Voluntary separation incentive and special separation benefit
•Reserve categories
•Air Reserve Component field training
•Air Force Instructions

2015 Guard & Reserve Factsheets LARGE (24 MB)
2015 Guard & Reserve Factsheets SMALL (2 MB)