ARPC members earn Rocky Mountain Eagle Award

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Rob Hazelett
  • Air Reserve Personnel Center Public Affairs
A team of five and one individual from the Air Reserve Personnel Center were selected to receive an annual Rocky Mountain Eagle Award during a ceremony to be held in conjunction with the Colorado Federal Executive Board Professional Development Seminar May 5, 2015, in Denver.

One of the most important forms of non-monetary recognition available to Federal government employees in Colorado, the annual awards provide federal agencies the opportunity to share with the public the outstanding achievements of employees who have dedicated their careers to public service.

“Our ARPC team is doing amazing things for generations of American Airmen,” said Brig. Gen. Samuel “Bo” Mahaney, ARPC commander. “Nothing makes me more proud than to see these fine individuals recognized at such a prestigious level. What they have accomplished is just the beginning. Look for many more great accomplishments from our ARPC professionals for many years to come.”

Nominations for the Rocky Mountain Eagle Awards are selected from all civilian, military and postal agencies and are open to federal employees within the State of Colorado at all grades of service from entry level through senior executive service.

The 2015 award recipients from ARPC are:

Outstanding Customer Service - Andrew Hamilton

An ARPC human resource specialist, Hamilton, is one of nine certified Secretary of the Air Force board recorders. He used his experience to guide the successful execution of 127 promotion and service continuation boards convening at ARPC for 6,920 Air Force officers, and performed superbly as promotion board recorder for 80 various promotion boards leading more than 200 colonels and general officers through the selection process.

He also reviewed 491 letters to the board and provided direct feedback giving the officers total ability to shape their message to the promotion board president adeptly. In addition, he counseled 192 officers with in-depth advisement and imparted crucial career-impacting guidance to aid in future promotion opportunities. Moreover, he absorbed demands of increased workload during a 50-percent manning crisis and maintained excellent customer service as he ensured each customer had their needs addressed and resolved.

“I'm both honored and flattered to be selected for this esteemed award and, particularly, in this category,” Hamilton said. “I would like to think it validates and exemplifies the contribution and impact your average rank and file worker, like me, has on the overall success of the mission and impression of the organization. To be recognized at this level by such a respected and august organization is a singularly distinct privilege.”

Special Project or Achievement Team - Policy, Plans, Programs, Presentations and Process Improvement (P5I) Team

Comprised of Lt. Col. Bruce Winhold, ARPC process manager and P5I supervisor; retired Senior Master Sgt. Alric Nunerley, administrative support specialist; Sara Jenkins and Orlando Medina, both military human resource specialists; the team led a flawless transition as they integrated and standardized the command’s Human Capital Transformation processes. They also developed and implemented a plan of accession and mobilization for nearly one-million National Guard and Reserve personnel and led an effort for a $500,000 organization modification that allowed ARPC to absorb the workload of 70 additional members.

The team led 25 headquarters policy reviews and ensured AFRC concerns were identified and incorporated into guidance. In addition, the P5I team benchmarked the command dashboard that provides at-a-glance analysis and integration across ARPC and created organizational efficiencies by aligning policy, plans and lean functions within the director of staff.

“It's an honor to be recognized by our civic community for the efforts our team achieved in support of ARPC strategic goals and operational initiatives,” Winhold said. “ARPC is surrounded by talented, customer-focused professionals and it’s rewarding to be recognized for the outstanding work our team achieved.”

Scott Fromm, ARPC director of staff and director where P5I falls under, said he couldn’t be prouder of the team.

“This award belongs to the core of the P5I team. My contribution was to provide guidance and oversight. The team took that vision and developed it into comprehensive and executable plans,” Fromm said.

Nunerley, who recently started working at ARPC as a civilian, thanked the commander and senior leadership for their ongoing support, mentorship and trust, enabling the team to put forth their best efforts and accomplish great things

“We are deeply grateful and honored to receive such recognition. This would have never come to fruition without the hard work, dedication, teamwork and assistance from our leadership within our section, as well as within ARPC,” he said.

Medina, who has been at ARPC for 31 years, said what it meant to him to win the award.

“I believe it’s an affirmation that we have an outstanding team,” he said.

Jenkins, who has worked at ARPC for 30 years, said it was great for the team to be recognized by the CFEB.

“Knowing that our team achievements have been deemed worthy of such an award continues to motivate us to strive for excellence,” she said.