What I've learned

  • Published
  • By Steve Hannan
  • Director, Communications and Information
I've been blessed to be the director of Communications and Information at the Air Reserve Personnel Center here for a very long time. There is no better place to learn things than at ARPC, and while here, I've learned some important lessons about my government computer. 

Let me tell you a few of the things I've learned as SC's director:

I've learned that no one is really going to give me $800 million Euros if I just send them my bank account info. Doesn't matter if they are from Nigeria or New York or Neptune! (OK maybe the Neptunian's will).

I've learned that 100 percent of the greeting cards sent to my organizational account are spam.

I've learned that if I send out an important e-mail and get no replies, it is normally still in my draft folder.

I've learned that if it's not in drafts - I probably sent it to the wrong T Smith or she replied to the wrong Hannan.

I've learned that my bank, credit union or credit card company doesn't send out e-mails saying I have an account problem with a link that sends all my personnel info to a .CN (China) Web site.

I've learned that EVERY TIME I get an e-mail about that poor kid who is dying and his last wish is for an e-mail from me, it is probably not real! (either that or he's not really that sick after all, since the first time I saw this he wanted a postcard from me).

I've learned that Mr. Rogers probably wasn't a Navy Seal - that nether vice presidential candidate owns a Harley - nor that Netscape, AOL, Bill Gates or Google will pay me $10,000 for every e-mail I send their way.

I've learned that when someone sends me an unbelievably weird e-mail which I must forward to all the people in my address book to save them from this weird fate and of course the FBI, CIA and NBC all agree it is all true. I should not forward it. (At least not until I've made sure it's real at www.snopes.com).

By the way even though I've never forwarded the above, so far I still have my hair, my family is healthy, and angels have not done the unspeakable to me (ouch!).

I've learned that Google will do math. Enter an equation, like 9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1= and hit Enter and the answer is 45. I've learned that it's much easier than finding the "calculator" on a Standard Government Desktop Configured Vista System.

I've learned that whatever system you buy today will have a newer, better or cooler version released the next day.

I've learned that I should always back up my work since I've lost this twice while AFRC pushed another security patch.

And finally, I've learned that no one will read this since we all "delete before reading" everything we get from Public Affairs.

Have you learned similar things? Drop me an e-mail and let me know.

By the way, I recommend you immediately copy and forward this to all in your address book or someone will invalidate your vote and your candidate will not get elected!