Let contact center be your support team

  • Published
  • By Janet Green
  • Directorate of Personnel Services
The customer service counselors and technicians in the Air Reserve Personnel Center contact center have a total of nearly 1,668 years of military personnel customer service. With this much knowledge in one place, why direct our customers anywhere else? 

The ARPC customer service counselors can walk any customer through their online retirement application; assist in retrieving and completing their paperwork to receive retired pay; pull and explain how to retrieve and read point credit information; explain what a retention or retirement date is; fulfill document requests; accomplish DD Forms 214; accomplish statements of service; prepare and advise on award and decoration submissions, applications and awards; update personal information into the Military Personnel Data System; verify Servicemember's Group Life Insurance coverage; advise how to get Individual Mobilization Augmentee positions; and the list goes on and on. 

The answers provided to the customer by your contact center customer service counselors and technicians only gets better when knowledge is shared by you. 

Contact center counselors and technicians are here to help relieve technicians in other ARPC directorates from having to answer Tier 1 questions.

Contact the contact center Knowledge Management Team manager, Ron Colby, at Ext. 6-3062 to set up a time to share your knowledge with the customer service counselors and technicians. The contact center staff's knowledge is directly effected by what you provide them. Any information that can help them from having to transfer a call benefits everyone. 

Help make your contact center the very best world class organization!