Prepare yourself for new personnel, pay system

  • Published
  • By Teresa Myers
  • Directorate of Personnel Data Systems
The Air Force is scheduled to begin using the Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System in February 2009. DIMHRS will replace the Military Personnel Data System and become the personnel and pay system for all military components. 

DIMHRS will provide a new way of working personnel and pay processes. With DIMHRS, we all become human resource specialists.

Many of you have been very involved in providing DIMHRS requirements for ARPC processes the last couple of years. But some of you haven't been involved with "our way to DIMHRS." 

To familiarize yourself with DIMHRS, I highly recommend you visit the DIMHRS Web site. You can review the glossary, the workflow readiness packages and take a tour of the various demonstrations. To get started, go to the DIMHRS home page at When you are ready, go to the upper left "About DIMHRS" and click on "DIMHRS Demonstrations."

There are two great links on the DIMHRS Demonstrations page. Scroll down to the "Workforce Readiness Packages." There are three packages for the Air Force. These provide myriad information. 

Each provides key terms to show how terminology will change. They present an overview of the business process, process crosswalk, flowchart, how the screens may appear, benefits to the Airmen and FAQs. Click on any one of the listed Air Force packages and review all slides.

Next, scroll up to "Getting Started." Follow the directions to access the demonstrations. Once you reach the demonstrations page at, read through the concept of the demonstration. Then, click on the plus sign of "+ BTA DIMHRS Demonstration" to expand the list. To get an overview click on the "Bird's Eye View" and then the "Home Page." 

To start the demo, you must click on "See it" or "Try it" in the upper right corner. After you review the home page, expand any of the other processes listed. 

Click on a process that you want to review, then "See it" or "Try it." One of my favorites is the "ARMY Record Retirement Points." This process allows a member to project points and pay at the time of retirement.

In the upcoming months, ARPC personnel will be involved in data purges to ensure data is accurate for the record conversion to DIMHRS. Personnel will continue to be involved in providing requirements. Several will be selected as train the trainers and others will be involved in several different types of testing. Many TDYs will be required to Reston, Va.; New Orleans, La., and Randolph Air Force Base, Texas.

DIMHRS is the personnel and pay way of the future for commanders, human resource specialists and all members of the Air National Guard, Air Force and Air Force Reserve.