Time-saving Remedy

  • Published
  • By Janet Green
  • ARPC Chief, Data Management and Inquiry Division,
When asked to write an article for the Center Scene, I kept trying to come up with something new. I couldn't get past the thoughts of my job in the Contact Center and how it fi ts within ARPC. It got me to thinking of how the concepts of Personnel Services Delivery Transformation, Tier 1, Tier 2, Case Management System, Remedy issues and work notes can be confusing to uninformed audiences. I wanted to do something to help others understand. 

Let's start with PSDT. What is it? It's another way of saying "customer service." 

Customer service is not new at ARPC. In fact, it's what ARPC is all about. 

We have a mission to help our customers, and we continue to do that - PSDT transforms the way we do it. 

In the past when a customer called us, we pulled out a piece of paper or a file folder (after we found the piece of paper or the file on our paper-laden desks). 

We took notes and doodled while we talked. Then, when it came time to read our notes, some of us couldn't read our own scribbles. 

Now we can create an "issue" electronically in the case management system, Remedy, where our notes are easily accessible (and legible). 

I have often heard the response, "I don't have time to do that," when it comes to creating a Remedy issue. My answer: creating Remedy issues actually helps save time in the long run. 

How? It's really very simple. How many times do you receive a call transferred from the Contact Center? How many times have you gotten upset because the Contact Center transferred a call? Remedy can be the "remedy" to that irritation. 

It provides users the ability to go in and see what is, or has been happening for any customer. 

When the Contact Center customer service counselor receives a call, he or she looks up that customer in Remedy. If there is information in the work notes to explain what business is being handled for that particular customer, the counselor has a better chance of responding to the caller without having to forward the call to others. 

How much time could you save if you didn't have to answer calls for questions that could have been answered by the counselor? 

Next time you have to stop in the middle of working on something to answer a call, think about how the customer could've been better served using work notes in Remedy.