Post Report: Comptroller plans division: Taking care of you

  • Published
  • By Carol Klein
  • Chief, Comptroller Plans Division, Directorate of Financial Management
We at ARPC take a great deal of pride being ". . . A Total Force provider servicing the needs of the nation." In the Directorate of Financial Management's Comptroller Plans Division, our duties, responsibilities, and goals revolve around taking care of our customers - the men and women that comprise the work force of ARPC. We do have external customers as well, however, our primary customers are ARPC employees.

 I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know about some of the duties we perform, and to introduce you to my great staff. Our first major responsibility is to be the "Super Resource Advisers" for the organization.

 We are responsible for managing and monitoring funds to ensure our work force has a variety of tools to perform their jobs. We make sure you have telephones, office supplies, mail service, an Employee Assistance Program, a Wellness Center, a staff car, as well as a variety of supplies you need to service the Reserve force. 

In addition, we ensure oversight of the service level agreements that affect our business and tenants. We oversee and administer contract execution with Omega World Travel, which tickets fl ights for our Health Professions Scholarship Program and Financial Assistance Program reservists and mobilization assistants.

 We act as the primary Organizational Defense Travel Administrators for ARPC's Defense Travel System users. We head up ARPC's Manager's Internal Control Program. The program is mandated by law, and designed to ensure our organization is safe from fraud, waste and abuse; or any other losses we could sustain by not checking our processes to ensure rules and policies are followed.

 In addition, we compile and coordinate the Commander's Annual Statement of Assurance, which ultimately gets reported to Congress. 

We are the Air Force Audit Agency focal point for ARPC, and act as a liaison for Air Reserve Orders Writing System users and AFRC. We also provide policy interpretation involving the budget, travel and anything affecting our business in FM. The best part about our office is that we are small and have learned a great deal backing each other up on our tasks.

 Now on to introducing the FMP staff. I promised I would begin with myself. I'm Carol Klein, and I am a 24-year veteran of ARPC. I'm the Division Chief of FMP, and also head up our contract executions, and the Wellness Center and telephone agreements and funding. I'm the primary DTS focal point, and facilitator of the Manager's Internal Control Program. 

Bobby Jackson is a budget technician and resource adviser on our staff. He is the primary RA for the agreements and funding for: the staff car, the look-up service used by the Directorate of Personnel Services to locate IMAs, the Employee Assistance Program and the National Personnel Records Center liaison. 

Mr. Jackson is a government purchase cardholder and checkwriter, which requires him to be an expert on government purchasing rules and regulations. He also serves as the security monitor, equipment custodian and eMTS system support person for FM. He recently became responsible for calculating the status of funds weekly to assist the Directorate of Assignments, and the entire status of funds bi-weekly for the commander. 

Adam Lopez, (not pictured), is also a budget technician and resource adviser. He is a government purchase cardholder and checkwriter, and likewise an expert on government purchasing rules and regulations. He is the primary Resource Adviser for agreements and funding for the mailing service through DFAS, and the Virtual Flight Surgeon. He is an adviser and facilitator for ARPC users of DTS, and the Web page maintainer for FM. He has worked at ARPC for two years, and was previously in the military. 

Janice Safford recently left FMP for the Financial Analysis Division, but remains a member of the FM team. She is responsible for routing, maintaining and tracking the status of all written agreements involving ARPC. She also provides administrative support for the directorate, and is currently learning the task of validating our centrally billed account for IMA travelers. She has 25 years of service at ARPC. 

Jason Hrincevich is a contracted financial system's administrator, who works part-time in FMP. He assists us with all the systems we are required to work with that are unique to ARPC personnel. He also works part-time for General Services Administration. 

Sanja Nakovski is a contracted travel agent who works for Omega World Travel. She books airline tickets and reservations for our HPSP and FAP students, and MAs. We in the Comptroller Plans Division enjoy our association with the staff of ARPC, and strive to do a good job on our variety of tasks and assignments. After all, someone has to take care of you while we all work to support our great nation, and our Air Force Reservists and Guardsmen.