ARPC: Committed to Excellence

  • Published
  • By Col. Ann Shippy
  • ARPC Commander
As staffs at AF/REP, AFRC/A-1 and ARPC are rebalanced and realigned, ARPC's core competencies have been strongly acknowledged. ARPC members have revolutionized centralized personnel services for the Air Reserve Component through vPC-GR and enhanced Reserve Personnel Contact Center. As Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System approaches, it is crucial that we lead this cultural change to ensure our Reservists are adequately prepared for tomorrow. The bottom-line is AFRC recognizes that we provide these services better than any other AF Reserve organization so we will continue to sharpen our focus and capitalize on our strengths.

ARPC Core Competencies:

􀂉 Deliver innovative, responsive and complete personnel services.

􀂉 Ensure accuracy, accessibility and comprehensiveness of personnel records data.

􀂉 Providing information about personnel to commanders and policy makers that they need to make key decisions.

􀂉 Oversee fair, impartial selection processes. Therefore to begin this process, an AFRC Plans and Programs Manpower Study Team will visit ARPC April 3-13 to conduct workshops with directorate subject matter experts to define and map our processes.

No doubt about it -- each of you continues to provide world-class "life cycle" support to the ARC. These workshops provide us another opportunity to outline and highlight the critical responsive service we provide to our customers. They rely on us for this support, and I thank you for all you continue to do!