KCJ Assignment Management Information

Welcome to the webpage of the Key/Command/JDAL (KCJ) Management Office. This office directly assists in placing qualified officers and in-residence developmental education students into designated O-5 K/C/J positions, intentionally developing the Air Force Reserve’s next generation of leaders. 

KCJ positions represent about 5 percent of available officer positions and are available in all Reserve status types - TR, IMA, ART and AGR. As these are specially designated positions, they are also term-limited to 3 years for Key and Command positions, and 4 years for JDAL positions. 

All qualified officers are welcome to apply for these positions; however, applicants placed on the Key Personnel Listing by their Development Team will be given strong consideration. At this time, the KCJ Management Office is only managing O-5 IMA positions, but may look to expand to other ranks and reserve categories in the future.

Please contact our office at DSN 847-3817 or at 720-847-3817 for more information about KCJ positions. Only calls related to KCJ positions will be answered. All other inquiries must go through the Total Force Service Center


Strategic growth of Citizen Airmen, developing the Air Force Reserve's next generation of leaders. 


Please click HERE to apply for KCJ vacancies.

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All KCJ applications must include a signed SOU by the applicant. Click HERE to access the SOU.

Active Guard-Reserve members are Guard or Reserve Airmen serving a tour on federal active duty for periods 180 consecutive days or greater. They are entitled to most benefits available to active-duty members for the duration of their tour.

Air Force Reserve Active/Guard Reserve Vacancies
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All O-6 assignments are managed by the AFR Colonels' Group. Pease click HERE to reivew assignment opportunities.