Orders Writing Cell

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Orders Writing Cell

The Orders Writing Cell (OWC) is responsible for processing of AROWS-R orders request for Individual Reservist (IR’s) on various MPA/RPA tour types.  The OWC role is to review the request for accuracy, validate if the member requires any waivers, and process orders request appropriately in accordance with the JTR and any other Laws/Regulations/Policies.

Order requests will need to have a detailed explanation for the request along with the supporting documents to assist with processing the request. Per AFMAN 36-2136 and the IR Guide, orders request must be submitted at least 30 days before the tour start date. However, We understand short notices do occur, submit as early as possible and provide detailed justification to why the request did not meet the AFI requirement.

Additionally, all Annual tour requests must be submitted by 1 Jun each year. This is to ensure they are published by 30 June each year per AFMAN 36-2136. If you are in a situation where it is after 1 June and you haven't put your AT orders request into AROWS-R yet, you'll need to complete this MFR and have it signed by your RegAF supervisor and Det CC. 

OWC will review the orders request and respond with an appropriate action or comments within 4 business days. (dependent on the tour start date) Member's overall readiness should be green.

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