IDT travel and lodging reimbursements delayed

  • Published
  • Headquarters Individual Reservist Readiness and Integration Organization
IDT lodging and travel reimbursements are currently delayed 30-45 days due to a combination of fiscal year-end delays at DFAS and several new processing requirements that went into effect in October.  

This delay also impacts travel reimbursement for orders performed in conjunction with IDT travel, as system requirements dictate IDT reimbursements be paid first. 

In the interim, cardholders, who through no fault of their own, cannot pay their Government Travel Charge Card bill, may request their GTCC to be placed in a Mission Critical status to prevent the account from suspension (61 days past billing). This message may be provided to your active-duty Agency Program Coordinator (APC) as backup documentation for your request. 

To accelerate the claims process, use the OF1164, instead of the obsolete SF1164, and ensure 40As have the Certifying Official's signature and title, as well as the reservist's name. Include lodging receipt and, if applicable, contract quarters authorization/non-availability statement. 

The HQ RIO Individual Reserve Travel Office and ARPC FM are working closely to process claims as quickly as possible and a notification will be sent once the delay is resolved.

Travel resources for Individual Reservists are available on the HQ RIO Travel Page