Solicitation for 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year

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  • Headquarters Individual Reservist Readiness and Integration Organization

Individual Reservists must ensure nomination packages for the 2017 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year Award are sent to ther servicing HQ RIO Detachment no later than Jan. 15, 2018.

This award recognizes enlisted Airmen who distinguish themselves from their peers through job performance, community involvement, and personal achievements. Any packages submitted for 12 OAY will also be included in the Outstanding IR of the Year program, which will be announced shortly.

Award period: Jan. 1, 2017 – Dec. 31, 2017

Nomination Categories: 
- Airman (E-1 – E-4)
- NCO (E-5 – E-6)
- SNCO (E-7 – E-9)

Nominees will require retainability through Sept. 30, 2019. Only those nominees selected must satisfy this requirement. As soon as nominees are selected, take action to extend or re-enlist any nominee whose date of separation is prior to Sept. 30, 2019. Nominees who do not have retainability may extend their current enlistment IAW AFI 36-2606, Re-Enlistment in the United States Air Force, Chapter 4, Table 4.1, Rule 28, as an exception to policy. Military Personnel Section (MPS) officials who are normally responsible for approving/disapproving re-enlistment extensions may approve or disapprove extensions for the purpose of the 12 OAY Award Program. ARPC does not have to approve or disapprove such requests. Cite this message as the authority for the extension in the remarks section of the AF Form 1411, Extension or Cancellation of Extensions of Enlistment in the Regular Air Force, as follows: "To Participate in the 12 OAY Award Program." Do not violate the 23/48 month limitations. Airmen who cannot extend their enlistment because of the 23/48 month limitation must reenlist to acquire the needed retainability. Nomination packages will be returned without action for any nominees that do not have or have not obtained the required retainability.

Any nominees who extended their enlistment for the 12 OAY Award Program and are non-winners may cancel their extensions IAW AFI 36-2606, para 4.11.4, as an exception to policy. MPS officials who normally approve/disapprove extensions of enlistment may approve the request for cancellation. Cite this message as the authority for the cancellation in the remarks section of the AF Form 1411. Point of contact for retainability issues is the members servicing HQ RIO Detachment.

Nomination package requirements

Recommendation Letter: A recommendation letter addressed to HQ RIO/CC and signed by the Detachment commander stating that "validation with the nominee's unit was accomplished ensuring that the nominee does not have any derogatory information, also stating verbatim that "A review of the official personnel record was conducted on (date) and revealed no information that would bring discredit to the award or the United States Air Force".

Write-up: A write-up of 18 typewritten lines (including headers and are to stand alone from the bullets), single-spaced, size 12 point-font, using only the front side of the AF Form 1206, Nomination for Award. Bullet format is mandatory. Nominations should include specific facts, achievements, and examples showing the individuals are exceptional. Achievements should distinguish the member from his or her peers. Common acronyms may be used as long as the meaning is clear (TDY, AF, USAFE, SFS, etc.), otherwise acronyms will not be used. The use of an acronym list is not permitted. Sample AF1206

  • Leadership and Job Performance in Primary Duty: Describe significant accomplishments and how well the member performed assigned primary and additional duties. Define the scope and level of responsibilities and the impact on the mission and unit. Include any new initiatives or techniques developed by the member that positively impacted the unit and/or the mission. Show how the member developed or improved skills related to primary duties; e.g., formal training, Career Development Course enrollment or completion, On-the-Job Training, and so forth. Include results of Air Force, MAJCOM, and Numbered Air Force-level inspections and/or evaluations. Include awards received; e.g., NCO of the Quarter, Maintenance Professional of the Year, and so forth. Limit to 12 lines plus header.
  • Whole Airman Concept: Define the scope and impact of the member's effort to promote camaraderie, embrace esprit de corps, and act as an Air Force ambassador, including positive leadership and involvement in both the military and civilian community. Include leadership, membership, or participation in unit advisory councils, professional military organizations, associations, and events. Include any off-duty education or other personal development; e.g., class, course, certifications, degree enrollment and/or completion, grade point average. Cite any other relevant training or activity that significantly enhanced the member's value as a military citizen. Limit to 4 lines plus header.

Biography: An official Air Force biography, limited to two pages. Example biographies can be found at the Air Force biography homepage ( Installation Public Affairs shops can also assist. Sample 12 OAY biography.

Official Photos: Nominees should make every effort to provide the photos requested below with their initial submission. However, due to the short suspense, IRs may submit photos that are either out of date or that do not meet the normal official photo requirements. If an IR who submits a sub-standard photo is selected to advance, HQ RIO will work with the member to identify a method of obtaining proper photographs.

  • One official Air Force 8x10 photo in .jpg format. Head and shoulders, Service Dress, blue background with US flag. Note: A gray background may be used if a blue background is unavailable
  • One official Air Force 5x7 photo in .jpg format, no bigger than 500KB. Full length, short sleeve blue shirt, no tie/tab, name tag, all ribbons and badges. Note: No exceptions will be authorized regarding the short sleeve blue shirt requirement.

Air Force Fitness: A current Air Force Fitness Management System print out of member's physical fitness history. If member is on a profile include a copy of the members AF Form 422, Physical Profile Serial Report in the package. If the member has a current fitness score, but was exempt during any portion of the award period, an AF Form 422 must be provided.

Statement of Intent: A statement of intent addressed to HQ RIO/CC, signed and dated by the nominee (all nominees must sign a statement of intent). The statement of intent will read verbatim: 

  • "I have not applied for a commissioning program and, if selected as a 12 OAY, will not apply for a commissioning program until no earlier than 1 March following notification of 12 OAY selection."
  • "If selected as a 12 OAY, I agree to serve in the capacity as an enlisted ambassador representing and assisting the Air Force in enlisted recruiting and retention efforts and matters. I understand I may be called upon by my MAJCOM commander or MAJCOM/CCC to travel to any events or venues deemed appropriate which may have a positive impact upon Air Force recruiting and retention."
  • "I attest that the facts I have provided for this nomination are true and correct to the best of my knowledge."

Statement of Release: A statement of release, addressed to HQ RIO/CC, must be signed and dated by the nominee. The statement will read verbatim:

  • "I do or do not (circle one) agree to the use of Privacy Act information in the nomination narrative. This information may include Privacy Act information or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) found in DoD 5400.11-R, DoD Privacy Program, Disclosure of Personal Information to Other Agencies and Third Parties and guidance in Air Force Instruction 33-332, Air Force Privacy and Civil Liberties Program, Chapters 1, 2, and 6. I understand those transmitting personal information via email will exercise caution and adequately safeguard it in accordance with AFI 33-332, paragraph 2.5. and subparagraphs. The announcement message or any publicity regarding the award nomination will contain no privacy act information other than name, rank, and base of assignment." 

    NOTE: Statement of Release-- if permission is not granted, it will not preclude member from competing for the award.

Packages are due to your servicing HQ RIO Detachment by the suspense. IRs should contact their servicing HQ RIO Detachment for questions or concerns.