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HQ RIO Newcomers


Welcome to HQ RIO

HQ RIO LogoWelcome to the Individual Reserve! Whether you are coming straight from active duty or returning to the Air Force after a break in service, we're glad you've decided to join the Individual Mobilization Augmentee or the Participating Individual Ready Reserve program.

Here at Headquarters Individual Reservist Readiness and Integration Organization, our job is to ensure you have the resources you need to get the mission done. While the responsiblity for readiness rests on your shoulders, it's our goal to provide you the tools to accomplish your readiness. Use this page as a starting point and then explore the other sections of this site for more IR resources. You'll find important personnel and finance forms, how-to guides and contact information that will help you as you get started on this new chapter in your Air Force career.

Again, welcome and thank you for choosing HQ RIO!


Col. Amy J. Boehle

Commander, HQ RIO


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