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  • Meritorious Unit Awards

    Parent organizations identified for these awards will provide unit award elements (i.e. certificate, citation, and streamer). Subordinate units assigned directly to parent organizations can share in these awards provided they have been identified by the parent unit as being eligible. Subordinate

  • Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service Medal

    The Secretary of the Air Force approved the Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service Medal (NDOSM) on 27 May 2014 to recognize direct support to nuclear deterrence operations. The medal is authorized for Airmen who directly impacted the Nuclear Enterprise. The NDOSM may be awarded retroactively to 27

  • Airman Comprehensive Assessment Feedback Form

    In today’s Air Force there are a number of issues affecting our Airmen and the role of the supervisor has become more relevant than ever. The supervisor is not only required to document the performance of those Airmen under their direction but also to assess their mission capabilities, deployment

  • Air Force Form 707 Utilization

    Recent changes to the officer and enlisted evaluation systems provide raters with more flexibility when assessing performance by enabling them to aggregate performance factors in a number of ways so that any one factor would not automatically drive a referral evaluation; a referral is now optional.

  • Procedures and Wear of the INHERENT RESOLVE Campaign Medal

    AnnouncementThe Secretary of Defense announced the creation of the INHERENT RESOLVE Campaign Medal (IRCM). The IRCM provides distinct recognition to those service members who are serving, or have served, in Iraq, Syria, or contiguous waters or airspace on or after 15 June 2014, to a future date to