• Voting for Spark Tank 2020 soon to end

    Spark Tank is an annual event in which Airmen pitch innovative ideas that build upon senior leader priorities to restore readiness, cost-effectively modernize and drive innovation.

  • Joan Orr Air Force Spouse of the Year Award

    This Air Force Association (AFA) award recognizes the significant contributions made by non-military spouses of Air Force military members. The nominee's husband or wife must be serving in the Air Force (Active Duty, Guard, or Reserve). The award period is 1 January to 31 December. Nominations will

  • Verne Orr Award

    This Air Force Association (AFA) award recognizes an Air Force unit (Active, Reserve, or Guard) which makes the most effective use of its human resources. All Air Force units and organizations are eligible, regardless of size. The accomplishments of the unit should be mission-oriented and focus on

  • The Air Force Association Aerospace Awards

    Theodore Von Karman Award - for the most outstanding contribution to national defense in the field of science and engineering relating to aerospace activity by either an Air Force military member, Department of the Air Force civilian, unit, or group of individuals.David C. Schilling Award -