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  • HQ ARPC hosts orientation course for the Air National Guard

    Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center hosted the first virtual Air Reserve Component Orientation Course August 19-20, 2020 for members of the Air National Guard. More than 200 Guardsmen from across the country registered for the two-day course as subject-matter-experts lead interactive

  • Converting active duty retirement to AFR, ANG retirement

    Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard members who have completed 20 years of total active federal military service (TAFMS) are eligible for immediate pay and benefits upon retirement. However, for AFR or ANG members who further their careers in a traditional status and possibly accept a higher

  • TFSC introduces chat function for the Guard and Reserve

    The Total Force Service center has introduced a new tool for Guard and Reserve members to reach a representative with their personnel-related questions. Now when members of the Air Reserve Component log into myPers, they will see a banner advertising the new chat feature to communicate with a live

  • Navigating the retirement application process

    Retiring from the Air Force Reserve is a significant, emotional event, filled with anticipation and uncertainty. Because Airmen only retire once in their lifetime, they have no past experience to serve as a resource, and typically learn what is required as they go through the process. There are

  • Former Members Who Met Eligibility for Retired Pay

    This guidance defines those individuals categorized as "Former Members" and those entitlements they could be eligible for.Definition of a Former Member: An individual who, for whatever reason, was separated or discharged instead of requesting transfer to the Retired Reserve but remains eligible to

  • ANG to IMA (Component Transfer)

    Applicable to: Air Force ReserveBecause both losing and gaining services fall under the Air Reserve Component, this is considered a component transfer. Members currently assigned as Guardsmen with their respective state must be separated from the Air National Guard (ANG) before affiliating with the