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  • HQ RIO releases full IR survey results

    Headquarters Readiness and Integration Organization’s vision continues to be making it easy for Individual Reservists (IRs) to serve.  In addition to the 40 plus improvements we’ve made to get after that vision, we launched an IR survey and I am grateful for the feedback we received.    How

  • A Message to the Strong

    Help:To make something more pleasant or easier to deal with; to make less severe.Help is one of the simplest words to describe or define. Why isn’t it just as easy to say? We have come to know it as a cry or last ditch effort to get us out of a life or death situation.Imagine you are in the stands

  • HQ ARPC announces CY20B RSSB results

    Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center officials have released the results of the semi-annual CY20B Reserve School Selection Board today.

  • Changing the paradigm to HRM customer service

    In July 2015, Lt. Col. Michael A. Ortiz authored a ground breaking article entitled "Dream Big: Air Force personnel must keep pace with today's digital customer." The article chronicled Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center's crusade to improve customer and agent experience by harnessing

  • A.R.P.C. Leadership

    It is always an honor when I have the opportunity to mentor an Airman Leadership School class. Not only do the Airmen have a bright-eyed enthusiasm for what is ahead, their energy is almost intoxicating; they are inquisitive and no-nonsense.They want to know about how to be the best. They have

  • ARPC commander's message: Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    ARPC Professionals, this month is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. As you know, our approach is to emphasize Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention daily. Even so, we will provide special emphasis during the month of April and we have additional training scheduled for our Wingman Day May 7. To kick

  • My four tenets of leadership

    Over the last 29 years, I have read a lot of books and blogs. I have served with and spent time with great leaders from all services and the interagency. Most of all, I have spent a lot of time at the school of hard knocks.Now, as a brigadier general, I have boiled these experiences down to four

  • Editorial: In 2015, "Just Lead"

    As we begin 2015, and our New Year's Resolutions, there's one you should add if you haven't already. It's also one that I'd ask you to stick with throughout the year. It's simply this: just lead. All Airmen - both military and civilian, and regardless of rank or number of people you manage - have