• Leadership creates safe space for honest conversation

    Over the last days, weeks, months and years, its undeniable that racial tensions have heightened, in part fueled by national events and media coverage. To bring everyone together and create a moment for members to express their thoughts, HQ ARPC Command Chief, Chief Master Sgt. Billie Baber, and HQ

  • Evaluation, decoration submission guidance during Covid-19 pandemic

    Recently, SAF/MR released a Total Force memorandum via myPers providing updated guidance and procedures for implementing administrative relief measures for Officer and Enlisted Evaluations and Awards and Decorations during COVID-19. This guidance specifically addresses the use of CAC/digital

  • HQ ARPC Commander's Memorial Day message

    For most of us, historically Memorial Day serves as the unofficial beginning of summer marked with ceremonies, parades and family gatherings. Without a doubt, this holiday weekend will feel different than past years as we limit the spread of COVID-19; however, the meaning remains unchanged.While

  • Memorial Day message

    Memorial Day not only marks the transition from Spring to Summer, but it is a day to remember those who fought and died in service to our country.It is a time-honored practice in our great Nation marked by celebrations, remembrance ceremonies, parades, picnics and family gatherings across the

  • Returning to a 'new normal' with COVID-19

    As Robins Air Force Base begins to follow suit and reopen base facilities to welcome patrons, it’s important to remember the virus causing COVID-19 and the risk of contracting it are still present. Protecting yourself and others from becoming infected is just as important now as it was before.

  • Coping during COVID-19 and beyond

    To help members navigate the uncharted waters of these times, HQ ARPC leadership teamed up with Chaplain Justin Combs, 566th Intelligence Squadron, to present a virtual coping course, which was held Friday, April 17th. Team members had the option to use video or audio to call in, connect with one

  • HQ ARPC upgrades evaluation process to serve the Total Force

    Civilian computer programmers assigned to HQ Air Reserve Personnel Center, Buckley AFB, Colo., introduced a new process which scans data points across multiple systems to generate an evaluation before submitting it to the member’s unit.

  • HQ RIO creates Rapid Response Cell to serve mobilized Individual Reservists

    In an effort to best serve the now 12 individual reservists who have been mobilized for COVID-19 support, HQ RIO created the HQ RIO COVID-19 Rapid Response Cell.  The team of dedicated HQ RIO staff members established a dedicated email org box, phone number, and website for mobilized members to use

  • Air Force Reserve Command COVID Resiliency Message

    ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. -- Lt. Gen. Richard Scobee, Commander of the Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) and his wife Janis are joined via Zoom meeting with the AFRC Command Chief, Chief Master Sergeant Timothy White, Jr. and his wife Edith to discuss resiliency during COVID-19.