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  • One Meal, Two Souls-An Airman gives back during Pandemic

    With no bed to call home, 6,104 Denver residents are homeless. Last year, there were about 568,000 homeless people across America and more than 37,000 were veterans according to The National Alliance to End Homelessness. One Airman accepted his call to duty to make a difference in his local community. His passion flows through his hopeful eyes and smile beneath his mask, Staff Sgt. Jimmy Mrosko, assignment technician at the Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center here, breathes life into every word he mentions about giving back to the homeless community at the Denver Rescue Mission in Denver.
  • She’s a Leader, Parent, and Athlete-One Officer shapes the future of the Air Force Reserve

    Whether elevating herself across the peaks of the Colorado mountains, overcoming the challenges of raising a family, or shaping the future of the Air Force Reserve, this personnel officer sets the bar for resiliency, leadership, and what an Airman can achieve. With a youthful smile and a passion for progress, Lt. Col. Kristi Delcour, chief of Promotion Board Operations at Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center, embraces the challenges that balance a healthy lifestyle through athleticism, parenthood and perseverance. According to military demographics, out of about 64,000 officers in the Air Force only 22.4 percent are women, and Delcour is blazing the path for others to follow. On the HQ ARPC Promotion Board, she impacts the future of officers in the Air Force Reserve.
  • Innovative Youngstown ARS Airman assists with HQ ARPC mission

    Senior Airman Lamont Hicks, a personnel specialist assigned to DPT, has become a key member of both the evaluations and the recognitions sections since his selection for a temporary duty assignment at HQ ARPC just five months ago.
  • ARPC civilian embodies service to the Total Force

    Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center's Felicia Foster demonstrates exceptional service to the Total Force.
  • Resilient mindset key to ARPC personnelist's success

    Professional resiliency can be demonstrated in many ways, one of which is understanding that when one door closes, another is bound to open. 
  • Resilient mindset, asking for help is key to one ARPC COVID-19 recovery

    One Air Reserve Personnel Center member's story of dealing with COVID-19.
  • Personal tragedy leads chief to find purpose through Career Intermission Program

    When those special people closest to us take their own lives, it often leaves us feeling alone, confused and wondering if there was more we could have done. In the military, it happens across all services, all components, all genders and all ranks. The higher we climb in rank, the more “put together” we are expected to be. That’s not easy to do as
  • Airman 'moonlights' as bat rehabilitation specialist

    A Reserve Citizen Airman said she received a message from the universe one fateful summer day in 1999 that changed the course of her life.Air Force Staff Sgt. Sachiko Boland, a reserve separations specialist at the Air Reserve Personnel Center at Buckley Air Force Base, Colo., said she unexpectedly met her spirit animal while touring the Colorado
  • Reservist channels creativity into children’s book

    A traditional reservist made a creative dream reality by publishing his first children’s book.Maj. Sean Maday, assigned as an instructor at the Headquarters Reserve National Security Space Institute at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo., channeled his family’s love of language and reading into a story that he hopes many others can now enjoy. When he’s
  • AFRC Community Spotlight: HQ RIO

    The Headquarters Individual Reservist Readiness and Integration Organization, located within the Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center on Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado, is led by Col. Carolyn Stickell, commander.The organization is responsible for the readiness, accountability, personnel and administrative servicing of more than 8,000